Your Expertise Was Very Much Appreciated

Thank you for arranging our trip to Canopy Tower in Panama. My daughter and I had a fantastic time there -- it is a truly unique place -- and you were right about the delicious food, including many local specialties that we really enjoyed. Our birding guide, Carlos, was fantastic, and in addition to our birding tours, we saw lots of wonderful birds and mammals right out our room windows at Canopy Tower

Thanks too for giving me such a good overall orientation of Panama and suggesting a manageable itinerary for our brief 7-day stay. We loved El Valle, which you strongly recommended, as well as our visit to the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal. I was a bit apprehensive about taking buses everywhere and not renting a car, but you had assured me that the bus system was great, easy and inexpensive , and you were so right. We really enjoyed seeing all the local people, including many school children, that we shared mini buses with. Thanks also for encouraging us to go during the rainy season, despite some "warnings" we had read about. It only rained a bit most days, and while somewhat humid, it was very pleasant and we didn't miss having AC in places that had fans.

Most of all, thank you for encouraging us to go to PANAMA, my second choice after Costa Rica, but chosen due to flight availability and economy, so I am very grateful that you and Barbara were so positive about Panama as our destination choice. Your personal attention to detail and your experience were very much appreciated.

Gail, Panama, 2011