Truly A Unique Experience

I would like to thank you for the amazing vacation recommendation you presented to visit Hotel Ecoparaiso in Celestun, Mexico. Although the photographs on the website were beautiful, and your description of the resort made it sound amazing, we were still in awe of the unparalleled beauty this resort offers, the incredibly furnished bungalow, as well as every other space the resort has to offer. Read our Trip Advisor review!

The service of the staff was exceptional; they were respectful of your privacy and were never invasive, yet they were always eagerly awaiting to fulfill any request you have. The beauty of the natural landscape really did not settle in until the second day, when we were on the beach and could look for miles in each direction and not see another person. The resort was completely sold out during the Holiday week and it felt like we had the resort to ourselves, except when you took one of the incredible yoga classes or during breakfast, lunch or dinner. The tours of the Cenotes (natural water sink holes) the Hacienda, and the pink Flamingo Reserve are to be experienced by anyone seeking gorgeous gifts from nature. Participating in the Mayan/Mexican traditional New Years Celebration was a night filled with warmth, spirituality, and enjoyment. Hotel Ecoparaiso in Celestun Mexico is not to be missed! The resort seamlessly combines an appreciation of nature and a respect of the environment with relaxation and luxurious comfort. This was truly a unique experience and one that I wholeheartedly recommend! Thank you!!!  

Celestun, Mexico  December 2011
12 Time Repeat Traveler (Mexico x 2, Colombia, U.S.A x 6)