Colombia is back on the map and travelers are discovering what they’ve been missing. The diversity of the country may astonish you. Modern cities with skyscrapers and nightclubs? Gorgeous Caribbean beaches? Jungle walks and Amazon safaris? Colonial cities, archeological ruins, high-mountain trekking, whale watching, coffee plantations, scuba diving, surfing, and more. Did we mention birds? We've been waiting for this - Colombia has the largest list of birds seen, with over 2,000 species. And they are easy to find. 
     No wonder the ‘magic realism’ style of Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez emerged from here – there is a dreamlike quality to Colombia. Here at the equator, with the sun forever overhead, the fecund earth beneath your feet, heart-stopping vistas in every direction and the warmth of the locals putting you at ease – you may find it difficult to leave.
     We were fortunate to visit Colombia earlier this year and are excited to build our offerings for you to see. We're starting with the birds, but more will come. Wonderful jungle, cultural, agritourism experiences are on the list. Please contact us if you have a particular interest. 
Colombia's #1 Eco-Lodge, El Almejal
Kayaking Colombia's Pacific
Birding Santa Marta Mountaina
View of the Santa Marta Mountains
MInca Colombia - hummingbird heaven!
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