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Published on Apr 19, 2015

The East African region and Africa in general has had it share of challenges over the years, with Political, Social and Economic downturns. Despite these challenges, the people of the region have always remained Optimist and soldiered on, always seeking better ways to improve their lives for the current generation while fomenting guarantees for future generations and mankind in particular.
One of the most fundamental resources available for the region is its natural & human resources, ranging from environmental diversity to cultural uniqueness to Geographical and topography capacities to attract visitors and investors.
As the world gropes with the new security challenges brought about by extremist militancy, ranging from Al Qaeda to ISIS in the Middle East as well as Asia, to Boko Haraam in west Africa as well as Al Shabaab in Somalia and Eastern Africa, it cannot be lost for those concerned with peace and prosperity, that the inherent agenda of these extremism is to diminish the capacity for humanity to flourish and forge new horizons for the future.
Environmental degradation, human displace and decline in economic activities due to supplanted fears upon groups of well meaning people is and will always remain the main agenda extremist militants 
With East Africa relying heavily on the environment, for farming and Tourism activities, the Challenges to security posed by Al Shabaab requires concerted efforts by all to rid the region of this menace. We in Tourism in East Africa thus call on not to shy away from exercising our freedom to travel and enjoy our God given Nature and its resource by being cowed into remaining at home for fear. The sacrifices made by our men and women in Uniform should be in synergy with our desires to enjoy those freedoms that they so much as risk their lives for. 
Lets all Travel and take Vacations and enjoy ECO-CULTURAL ADVENTURE TOURS.  ~ Thomas James Wanyoike

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