Panama Trek 'A totally great experience'

Hi, great adventure. All I could ask for. Rick is a great guy, great guide and did a great job. Segundo his right hand man was outstanding.. ... the places and people we met were all great. Friendly, engaging and always welcoming. In fact they were in some cases real characters. I played baseball and soccer in the village we went to the first night with the kids. It was great. Certainly one of the most challenging, intense, difficult, miserable and totally engaging things I have ever done. Maybe because I am closing in on 59 it will be foremost in my memory. It was tough but at no time was I ever considering stopping. In fact the van came to a pick up point about 2 miles short of the end at the little roadside restaurant outside Portobello. I declined and walked by myself the rest of the way. Man those Panama beers were the best. Everyone in the group was great and sharing such an experience with them all is a lasting memory. We toasted and saluded. Laughed and hugged and I am so  looking for to Laras magazine article. She was tough. A petite woman with a big pack and sprained her ankle and made it the last 10 miles or so. The german couple was great I enjoyed them a lot.  Thomas and Sandra. And the New York Romanian, Cristy was quite an interesting guy. We two, the oldest did the whole thing.------A totally great experience which I will file away in that mental rolodex as one of the best ever. Thanks for   all your help.

Mike Q, Feb 2014, Panama Camino Real Trek