Once In A Lifetime Experience

My participation in The Great Return was wonderful. JB Journeys created a seamless visit to Pico Bonito and Copan Ruinas which is always a challenge in the third world. That is not to say there were not challenges; however Barbara and crew met the task expertly. Both venues were marvelous. The Lodge at Pico Bonito is in the mountains between two rivers. Cabins were well appointed and you could hear the soft white noise of the rivers as they tumbled through rapids down the mountainside. Outside the cabin, cool breezes rustled the foliage of a tropical forest and the soft sounds of tiny feet of agoutis could be heard in the leaf litter. The food and hospitality of the Lodge was very good. I stayed at Hacienda San Lucas in Copan Ruinas. This was my second visit and the owner, Flavia Cueva, has created an environment that is warm and welcoming. I felt like family. This inn is well worth a visit for any traveler. The program JB Journeys led included several prominent authorities on Mayan culture, including astronomers, epigraphers, and archaeologists. All were fascinating and knowledgeable, as well as great hosts in their own right. I was able to participate in ritual ceremonies that included a sunrise meditation in the ruins themselves led by Leah Glatz, a temascal experiencing (similar to a sweat lodge), and Mayan Sacred Fire ceremony. Always present was the wonderful Shannon Kring Buset without whom this tour would have not happened. She was a delight. I could go on, but brevity demands I end by saying this was a one in a lifetime experience. It was made that way by JB Journeys and all noted above.

Ron Speer, Honduras, 2012