Cuba's The Most Interesting Place I've Been

Cuba’s is the most interesting place that I’ve been.  Being a communist country it offered the opportunity to view the world from very another perspective.  And the guides that we had allowed a wonderful chance to be able to discuss their country and their lives, in addition to all the other helpful services that they provided.  Thanks for setting everything up.  As you mentioned, one has to be flexible and expect the unexpected—which is part of the adventure.    ~ Bubba

Another outstanding experience that broadened our horizons!!  Cuba was the third trip that you, JB Journeys, have put together for us and again everything was wonderfully planned.  Thank you so much, Barbara and Jean.   ~ Shelly

Cuba 2017

3 time repeat travelers (Panama, Ecuador)

Photo of the Vegas Grandes, a beautiful waterfall even at a dry time, that we hiked down to (and back up!) in the park… in wetter years it must be really spectacular!