Maybe a buzz word these days, but JB Journeys is pleased to participate in voluntourism efforts in both small and large ways. Our Philanthropy Safari to Kenya combines an African safari with work and visits to schools and villages helped by Well Aware, an small NGO working to provide a clean water sources in rural Kenya.

                We also support Birders Exchange (BEX), a project of the American Birding Association. It's a simple concept: You get new binoculars or other optics, and donate your old ones to BEX. A student, researcher, or budding naturalist guide in Latin America or Caribbean is in need of binoculars but can not afford them, so s/he applies through BEX. To complete the circle, you - the traveler - volunteers to be the courier. A great way to meet a local with like interests. We've done this several times.

                Additionally our support of several other NGOs makes a difference not only in the lives of those being aided, but by travelers as well. These are great for multi-generational travelers.

                Do you belong to a non-profit doing work around the world? Contact us about putting together a voluntourism trip for your group.

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