Lapa Rios

Off the beaten path in Costa Rica's wild Osa Peninsula​

Set in a private nature reserve spread over 1,000 acres of Central America's last remaining lowland tropical rainforest, Lapa Rios Ecolodge overlooks the pristine point where the Golfo Dulce meets the wild Pacific Ocean - a destination sure to match your idea of paradise.
     Lapa Rios was designed in harmony with the surrounding forest and beach environment.  Built over 350 feet above the sea, Lapa Rios catches the cooling tropical ocean and forest breezes. The main lodge and the Brisa Azul restaurant soar 50 feet above the sea and like the 16 private bungalows are built of locally harvested materials with woven palm-thatched roofs. Climb the lodge’s three-story circular stairway to overlook the forest canopy and breathtaking ocean vistas. Comfortable, locally-made bamboo furniture and huge private decks aid relaxation amidst pristine nature.
Golfo Dulce, southern Costa Rica, reached by domestic flight from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez
Accommodations consist of 16 Bungalows overlooking the Golfo Dulce in the Lapa Rios Rainforest Reserve.  The sixteen spacious suiita-thatch bungalows nestled within the rain forest exude harmony and an immense tranquility in this undisturbed environment.  An infinite feeling of freedom lingers in the bungalow's air, while fresh rain forest breezes race in through awesome screened window-walls, forming flawless paintings of the Pacific Ocean.
     Warm wooden floors invite bare feet to walk. Soft nets cascade over two bamboo queen beds or one king bed, casting a magical romantic mood. Classic bamboo furnishings are elegantly arranged, while sporadic splashes of green, orange and red private garden plants flower this simply unmatched setting. Unleash your thoughts while resting on your private deck.  Pamper your skin with refreshing water from your own secluded garden shower.
     Newly remodeled bathrooms invite you on a sensory journey, featuring a dual showering experience. On one side, a stone-laid floor massages your feet as you shower under soft, rain-like cool water, providing the unique sensation of showering in your own private waterfall.  A second shower offers the more conventional hot and solar-heated water with tile floor, perfect for a well-deserved cleansing after a day's hike in the rain forest.  The bathroom speaks light and spaciousness all around, while a lovely bay window and seat, added into the shower's wall, adds a quiet peace and comfort setting to this showering experience. From your shower, gaze out onto the endless ocean and listen to the quiet symphony of the rolling waves.   
Lapa Rios does not employ a 'chef', but are proud of the eight local men who have all learned how to cook, bake, slice-chop-measure, and are continuously curious and willing to face challenges and constant change.  All while adding new skills and tastes differing from their own culture. This is a group of people courageous enough to leave their farm or village, shift to kitchen work (locally perceived to be woman's work), and learn how to cook from our experienced food manager and Lapa Rios' owner. This powerful, supportive team has been created over time, through many trials and numerous evolutionary steps.
Brisa Azul - Enjoy gourmet meals in the middle of a rainforest with a window to the wild at Lapa Rios Ecolodge. Since its beginning, the multi-award winning resort has offered gastronomical delights that greatly enhance the enjoyment of guests. The lodge’s restaurant Brisa Azul specializes in freshly-cooked international cuisine infused with a hint of the tropics and offers breathtaking vistas and an experience of the rainforest like none other.  Please know some food items are seasonal and may not be available.  We offer organic coffee, free-range poultry, and wild caught fish, while constantly seeking more organic produce.
Rainforest Waterfall Luncheon - Enjoy a secluded luncheon in the middle of the tropical rainforest with a breathtaking view of a cascading waterfall.Take pleasure in this once in a lifetime experience while you delight in a private three course Waterfall Luncheon. Your personal waiter will serve you a special menu as you enjoy the sounds of the forest and a beautiful. 
All guided tours in the Lapa Rios Reserve help support the ongoing maintenance and land preservation of Osa Peninsula's rich biodiversity. Choosing to hike and learn about the rain forest's interconnectedness with trained, experienced, local guides not only provides you with an authentic local interpretation, but also provides the community employees continued economic support. Both staff and guests demonstrate the Lapa Rios mission that no matter how you cut it, a tree left standing is worth more.
     Hikes in the early morning or at sunset might reveal some of the 319 birds which inhabit the Osa Peninsula. Or hike through the rainforest to pristine waterfalls and s[lash in the Carbonera River. An evening hike, using your flashlight, will uncover unusual nocturnal creatures.
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Leaders in sustainable tourism and development, Lapa Rios helped to create the standards that Costa Rica uses to certify sustainable businesses.
  • Lapa Rios was built to be small as a 14+2 bungalow project providing protection to over 1,000 acres of rainforest.
  • Lapa Rios places great emphasis on educating guests, staff and locals on natural and cultural issues.
  • Lapa Rios employs only local staff in its operations currently employing about 50 people.
  • Lapa Rios maintains architectural integrity with surrounding area and local styles and utilizes sustainable construction methods and materials.
  • Lapa Rios is vigilant in energy conservation through passive design and renewable sources.
  • Lapa Rios uses a sustainable approach to chemical use, waste, sewage, recycling and water management.
  • Lapa Rios pays attention to and respects the wildlife and the natural setting.