Hacienda San Lucas


Concept: A beautiful 100-year old family hacienda turned boutique hotel, the Hacienda San Lucas sits above the world-renowned Maya ruins of Copán.  Owned by the same family for over 100 years, the hacienda became an eco-lodge in 2000. Visitors have access to 300 acres of pristine tropical forest which include the ruin site Los Sapos (the Toads) and many excavated ruins.
     Its location overlooks the expansive Copán valley and the Mayan ruins. Restoration on the hacienda was done by hand to original design using only local materials, techniques, and labor. Even the expansion of visitor rooms and kitchen (they are well known for delicious fare) was designed to preserve the authenticity of the original structure. Special attention was given to the design based on the analysis of an archeologist from the Institute of History and Anthropology, who worked for several months to ensure that the proposed design would not desecrate or destroy any buried Maya structures.
Location:  On the edge of the village of Copan Ruinas, walking distance to the beautiful ruin site of Copan, and 2.5-3 hours from San Pedro Sula airport.
Accommodations:  Hacienda San Lucas has eight distinctive rooms, 2 double beds each, with private bath, hot water, solar lighting, and ceiling fans. The beds are hand-crafted from local cedar and have firm comfortable mattresses. The rooms are decorated with local fabrics and tapestries.
Dining: Well known for inspired cuisine, the owner/chef Flavia and her helpers create fabulous meals using traditional methods with a modern flair. Food is prepared in a rustic open kitchen which turns out five-course dinners with panache, or outdoors in a traditional Mayan oven. South American wines and locally-grown coffees accompany meals. Delicious hardy country breakfasts are included in the price of the room. To take your interest of local food a step further, let JB Journeys arrange a cooking class for you and learn to make Honduran tamales or empanadas.
  • Mayan Ruins - Copán is on the eastern edge of the Maya's reach, and although not as well known as Tikal and Chichen Itza, Copán deserves its place in any itinerary interested in Maya, especially with the 2012 end of the Maya calendar approaching.  For this reason, you can expect to visit the ruins of Copán without the crowds often seen at other sites. Among her features are the Ballcourt, Main Plaza, Tunnels, Anthropology Museum, and the amazing Hieroglyphic Stairway - The most famous of Copán's monuments, 63 steps and several thousand glyphs tell the history of the royal house of Copán and is the longest known text of ancient Mayan civilization. Unfortunately, the steps have fallen out of place leaving the exact meaning undecipherable. Excellent guides really add to your visit to Copán with their ability to tell the story of the ruling family and point out glyphs.
  • Yoga - a lovely yoga pavilion overlooks the Copán valley and the ruins.  Yoga classes are offered year round and full week retreats are offered several times per year.  
  • Horseback riding tours - to and from the town of Copán, along the river, or up into the hills to tour villages or the San Rafael organic coffee finca.
  • Hike nature trails to spectacular views of the Copán Valley, the ruins, and the town of Copán.
  • Cooking class at the Hacienda's kitchen -Spend the day in the 100 year old kitchen and learn techniques for making Honduran tamales and tortillas.
  • Tour a Coffee Finca -Learn how the fabulous coffee of the Copán region is cultivated by visiting the Welchez Coffee Finca.
  • Time for the Spa -Enjoy a rejuvenating day at Spa Ixchel, including mud rub, massage, steam bath and Temexcal, the mayan sweat lodge.
  • Visit the on-site ruin Los Sapos -the mysterious Mayan ceremonial site whose true purpose still confounds archeologists.
  • For nature lovers, enjoy  fantastic bird watching, and exotic butterflies - -in the exuberant, lush tropical forest.The Copán region is a bird watcher's paradise, with nearly 390 species identified to date. The tranquil oasis of San Lucas attracts a stunning diversity of birds. The region boasts several renowned English-speaking guides, as well. And please visit the Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve, just a 15 minute ride from the Hacienda.
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Sustainability: In contrast to other Central American countries, Honduras is just beginning to perceive sustainable ecotourism as a viable and substantial benefit to the national economy. Hacienda San Lucas has played a major role in this burgeoning awareness.
     San Lucas was created and is successfully managed without external incentives or support. In fact, from its inception, San Lucas was treated by many Hondurans with substantial skepticism or indifference. Thus, the pioneering success of Hacienda San Lucas sends a powerful signal to the region that sustainable ecotourism works. San Lucas now serves as a role model for positive change.