El Otro Lado


Concept: El Otro Lado means the other side in Spanish. This beautiful retreat is not merely on the other side of Portobelo Bay, it is truly a world apart. El Otro Lado is the perfect place to relax and disconnect. 
     Just over an hour from Panama City, El Otro Lado emphansizes the Afro-Caribbean influence that one finds only on Panama's coast, and you'll enjoy those influences in the colorful houses (they're not rooms!), the hand-crafted furniture, and the artwork decorating it all. And you taste the Caribbean fusion influence in Gazebo Restaurant, in passion furit mojitos and savory seafood.  Even the beautiful natural setting has splashes of color around the infinity pool and other public spaces.
     Your stay at El Otro Lado will be a customized experience, one to please all the senses.
Location:  On the Caribbean side of Panama, in Portobelo Bay
Accommodations:  Only four houses are available at El Otro Lado, so you know your stay will be a peaceful one. The houses are spacious enough to have everything, and set apart enough to give you the space you need.
      Each house is decorated with local art, photography, and contemporary sculptures, a King bed, mini-bar, TV with satellite, CD/DVD, WiFi, iPod Sound Dock, electronic safe, and patios.
Dining:  Fusion Cuisine is a delicious mix with the ultimate purpose of satisfying the different palates uniting the local food culture with European, American and oriental traditions.
      The Caribbean gastronomic fusion is the consequence of the presence of the great colonial powers, who had the habit of mixing their own culinary customs with the rich variety of natural products the Caribbean could offer, this way exploring new, incredible tastes.
Activities:  Outdoor activities such as fishing, navigating by the mangroves, hiking, observing unique birds, enjoying a picnic on the beach, diving at coral reefs or submerging in the water together with professional scuba divers with the chance to see shipwreck treasures.  Enjoy canoe races, Congo dance, impressive sunsets.  Discover Portobelo and its fortifications.  Just the perfect group of touristic activities at Portobelo Panama.
           El Otro Lado is also a great place to do nothing.
Contact us for prices including daily breakfast and round trip boat transport from/to Portobelo.