Canopy Tower


Concept:  The Canopy Tower was built by the United States Air Force to house powerful radar used in the defense of the Panama Canal.  In 1996 the tower and its 35 acres of rainforest were transferred to Panama in compliance with the Torrijos-Carter Treaty.  A local businessman and conservationist, Raúl Arias de Parra, transformed the radar tower into an exclusive ecolodge. 
     The Canopy Tower has five levels that offer different views of the forest around it.  The flat roof is a great place to watch the canopy, as well as the Panama Canal and, in the distance, the skyline of the city.  The top floor, covered by a 30 foot high geo-tangent dome (a variation of Buckminster Fuller's famous geodesic dome), is used as the main dining area, and is completely surrounded by panoramic windows.  The floors below house the bedrooms.  Below the rooms, a mezzanine with more windows adds viewing opportunities of the lower levels of the forest canopy.  Finally, the ground floor houses exhibits about the environment and the surrounding forest and the animals that live in it.
Location: The Canopy Tower is located in the heart of Soberanía National Park and is literally surrounded by great birding locations, and just an hour to an hour and a half from the international airport, depending on traffic, as you must drive through the city.
Accommodations:  Guest rooms at the Tower are simple but very comfortable.  All of the double rooms have 2 twin beds, a small desk and chair, private bath with hot water, hairdryers, and environmentally safe soaps and shampoos.  A limited number of guaranteed single rooms are available and they share one bathroom.  These single rooms are more rustic than other rooms and are thus offered at a discount. 
Dining:  Raúl Arias' sister, Cuquita, is a celebrity chef in Panama and has designed the menus.  We think you'll be happy with the delicious and creative food, utilizing local produce.  Snacks are also provided on day tours, along with picnic lunches.
Activities:  Easily some of the greatest birding in Central America, led by excellent local naturalist guides.
 7 Night birding package, includes airport transfers, 7 nights lodging with tax, all meals and daily tours, entry fees and services of bilingual guides.
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