Belcampo Belize


Concept:  Perched in the verdant hills above the Caribbean coast of southern Belize, the lodge is a self-contained sanctuary from the everyday world.  The Main Lodge is the communal heart of the resort, offering dining and lounging areas, concierge and lobby lounge area, a finely edited gift shop, and observation decks giving onto grand vistas of the coast, Maya Mountains and an endless view of the untouched and pristine rainforest.  From this outpost, you can enjoy river, sea, jungle and wellness adventures.

     A pleasant garden path leads from the Main Lodge to the beautifully appointed spa, fronted by the stunning pool and sundeck.  Beyond is a rolling sweep of lawn where High Tea is served—adjacent to the Ceremonial Fire Pit, the site for evening relaxation and socializing.  A 400’ private tram whisks you down to the riverside deck, where you’ll enjoy the waterfront dining area and riverside Maya bar, or embark on tranquil cruises on the jungle reaches of the Rio Grande with the Caribbean Ocean only minutes away.

     In addition to being a luxury lodge, Belcampo Belize is also a 3000 acre farm, planned Agritourism center, and 15,000 acre rainforest preserve.   See the Culinary Tour.
Location: Southern Belize, near Punta Gorda in the Toledo District.
Accommodations:  Accommodations consist of 12 privately sited, individual suites with comfortable sleeping and relaxing spaces, screened fresh-air verandas, and luxurious tiled spa-style baths. Each of the 12 lodge suites is carefully sited to maximize privacy and an intimate connection to the adjacent jungle. The screened verandas project dramatically within the canopy giving one the sense of being truly part of the rainforest and afford incredible views as well as frequent wildlife sightings.
 The suites epitomize the concept of indoor-outdoor living. Vaulted beamed ceilings, terra cotta flooring, all-natural textiles and bench-crafted wood furnishings further emphasize the fusion with nature that graces all aspects of the Machaca experience. The beautiful hardwood cabinetry in the spa bathrooms are hand-made on site. The spacious shower area is clad in river stones, boasts wall and rain style fixtures, Molton Brown amenities, framing unobstructed jungle views. This truly is the bath as sanctuary. Is there any better way to refresh?  
Dining:  Talk about a room with a view! Belcampo's dining room sits at canopy level. Whatever is on your plate will be delicious, we know that, but do take time to look at the brilliant birds hopping about.
     The food at Belcampo Lodge draws inspiration from Belize's unique cultural and natural diversity. In the kitchen we are reinterpreting traditional Belizean dishes that have developed over time with strong influences from the local Maya, Garifuna, Creole, Indian and Mestizo communities. On the farm we grow as much of our own produce as possible, including traditional crops such as corn, squash, chaya, cilantro as well as harvest wild foods from the jungle like heart of palm and jippy jappa. The cuisine draws daily inspiration from the stunning variety of tropical produce available and the strength of the local culture. We raise local breeds of hogs finished on fruit, vegetable scraps and sugar cane as well as our own pastured chickens and laying hens for eggs. In addition to the animals reared at the Lodge, the restaurant sources humanely raised meat from local Mennonite farms. They make their own breakfast sausages and bacon smoked over cinnamon and allspice cuttings from the jungle. In addition, they source seasonal fish from local, small-scale fisherman. Sustainability, traceability, and vibrant, regional flavors are at the heart of the food. Meals at Belcampo Belize are prepared using fresh local ingredients, time tested techniques and menus based on the seasons, the bounty, and the cultural heritage of this tropical land.
Activities:   Lee Jones, author of Birds of Belize, once told us he thought Belcampo was the best overall package for birders. True comfort and birds at eye level. The place is thick with birds and guides at Belcampo are well trained and anxious to show you what they've got.
     Additionally, fly fishing for the big three (bonefish, tarpon, and permit) is excellent at the Rio Grande, just 20 minutes away. Snorkeling and diving can be arranged too.
    But we love the culinary adventures that Belcampo has developed. You can spend a day snorkeling with the chef, looking for tonight's dinner; visiting and learning in their organic garden, or taking a chocolate workshop, where you go from bean to bar, learning the whole process. Classes last from one to five days. 
     Finally, a small but lovely spa offers massage and facials in a beautiful setting.
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Sustainability: Southern Belize may be the last destination where Mayan history and culture may be explored in an all-natural, non-commercial environment. In this same spirit of unspoiled natural phenomena, we view our untracked jungle, mountains and rivers as a legacy worth protecting. To that end, we adhere to strictly maintained guidelines that ensure that our native plant and animal species survive and thrive. In our fragile environment, we stress the importance of low-impact travel; our customized open-cab Land Cruisers, Polaris Rangers and motorized water craft possess the latest low-emission and noise pollutant technologies available. Our teak woodlots guarantee no extraction of rare tropical hardwoods for human consumption. And our education outreach to local indigenous populations aims to replace slash-and-burn cultivation with a more earth-friendly approach, which will provide arable and productive land for future generations.