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Walking in Vermont-Day 2

Inn Victoria in Chester is a gem. Talk about feeling at home. We met the innkeepers Larry and Rose and later the owners Dan and Penny. Such sweethearts. The offer high tea on occasion, and you can see they are prepared. 

Dinner was served family style, pork rib roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and biscuits and blueberry pie for dessert. Just lovely. Then we went to sleep in our lovely king bed with 1800 thread count sheets. Why do I mention the thread count? Well, they also have a small gift shop and there were tons of  sets of sheets on the shelves. They said that guests were asking about the source, so they began selling them. And we bought a set – the most unusual travel souvenir I’ve bought.

And breakfast was great – pumpkin muffins, fresh strawberries, and a nice frittata and slab of ham. Not sure if a big breakfast is a good idea when you have 10 miles to walk, but the food was hard to resist.

Our goal today was the Old Town Farm Inn, about 10 miles away in North Chester. It was very nice to walk through town, past the old train depot and fire station. The Chester depot is quite pretty, this building from 1871 after a fire destroyed the first depot, built for when train service began in 1849. At one time Chester was one of the busiest stops on the Rutland Railroad line, as there was considerable industry in the area. Now it appears to carry tourists around the area for leaf peeping and a dinner train.

Then we walked uphill about two miles. It was paved road and a gradual climb, so not difficult and it was nice to get the incline out of the way early. Along the road we saw several beautiful farms with ponds, and early signs of leaves changing colors. At one point we heard honking and about a dozen Canada Geese flew over and circled to join some others on a pond. Another nice sign of fall, they may be preparing for migration. Thereafter we walked on dirt roads and hit our halfway point at a small cemetery, where we stopped for a break. About 40 or so graves marked early settlers here, most with burial dates in the 1800s. A few had posts with a medallion and an American flag signifying they fought in the Revolutionary War. People died young in those days, but we saw one who lived to age 105 and died in 1845!

We finished our walk at the Old Town Farm Inn on VT state highway 10. The house is close to the road and most roads in these areas were old stagecoach routes, so the place may have been an inn back in the day. It is a funny place with some fabulous old features. There is a spiral staircase just inside the front door that is beautiful. Rooms a bit funky and kind of put here and there. The owners are Alex and Michiku and she is a Japanese chef who puts out an amazing meal. Quite unexpected in this corner of Vermont and a real treat. I had seared tuna and Bob the teriyaki steak. Starters were veggie tempura and dessert was green tea ice cream. Altogether a great day.