Sailing San Blas
San Blas Island
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Sailing San Blas-3+nts

​​Crewed yacht charters in Panama’s Caribbean San Blas Archipelago

  • Laid back pace, must be able to board boats
  • 4 days/3 nights minimum
  • Depart any day
  • Contact us for dates and prices

Easy sailing , crystal clear waters, white sand beaches....Kuna Yala

One of the most beautiful parts of Panama is located along the Caribbean coast: the 365 islands of the San Blas Archipelago are each a real postcard scenery with white sand beaches, coconuts trees and turquoise waters.  Today's Kuna Indians inhabit the islands in the same way their ancestors did.  Circumnavigators even consider the San Blas archipelago as one of their top 3 destinations in the world!
We recently sailed with a group of friends, using a monohull and catamaran.  We had a blast!   The itinerary?  It didn't matter when each morning we woke to beautiful seas and fresh coffee. Speaking of fresh, the seafood couldn't have been fresher! 
No road gets (yet) to the archipelago: this helps preserving the San Blas from massive tourism.  From fishing to kayaking thru snorkeling and visiting the traditional villages. 1 to 2 weeks vacation is a good time frame in which to discover all what San Blas has to offer, but charters of 3 days are also available.
          Sailing in the San Blas is a real pleasure though distances are short (1 to 3 hours per day or more if you ask for it!). Most yachts belong to owners that are physically on board; most are doing really well under sails and captains love to teach the basics to starters or just let the pro sail by themselves. Note: bare boats are not available for hire in San Blas. From December to beginning of May, the cool trade winds blow; this is the best time to sail. The rest of the year the Green Season brings light winds and sporadic rainfall. These months conditions allow for better snorkeling, fishing and sea life watching: lees wind, less current.
          Every night is spent at anchorage. Once moored, snorkeling is easy access to all: starting in 3 feet of water down to 100 feet. (Note that Kuna Indians do not allow scuba diving). Spear fishing is admitted and passionate fishermen will appreciate hunting for red snapper, jack or grouper. If you do not fish, most skippers will fish for you; meals are prepared with the catch of the day: fishes, lobsters and the famous San Blas giant crabs are extraordinary.
          Choose the length of your adventure & amenities you prefer on-board and contact JB Journeys for guidance in deciding on your available options.

BOATS of any size for any number of travelers:  

  • Multihulls - The catamarans and trimarans are for "the dream" - lazy downwind sails, sunning on the trampoline. They offer plenty of room, level sailing and speed!
  • Monohulls - These lively monohulls are for the true sailing enthusiast who enjoy "close hauled into the teeth of the wind".
  • Accommodations: Simple cabins aboard mono-hull or catamaran sailing boats
  • Included:  Pick up in Corazon de Jesus airport, services of captain and crew, all meals and drinks (including beer, wine, rum) while sailing, use of a kayak
  • Not included: flights to Corazon de Jesus, Kuna tourist tax (US$10-12, to be paid on arrival), gratuities

Bring: Swimsuit, sunblock, hat, snorkel gear (boats have some but if particular, bring your own), a good book to read!