Collared Trogon
Golden Headed Manakin

Birding Panama - 11 nts


  • Moderate pace, 3-5 hours walking/hiking over variable terrain 
  • 13 days/12 nights
  • Contact us for dates and prices

Bird watching in Panama is easy and rewarding.  The country’s geographical position allows access to two great mother lodes of avian diversity.  You can see Resplendent Quetzals in the West as well as Harpy Eagles in the East.  In the central part of the country, within the Panama Canal watershed, you can expect to find more than 500 bird species.  In total Panama boasts an impressive list of over 960 species.

     We begin on Pipeline Road, considered the holy grail by some birders.  This amazing spot in Soberania National Park is home to over 500 species, and with an amazing tower, the opportunity to spot birds is limitless.  You might see Slaty-tailed and Black-throated Trogons, Golden-collared Manakin, White-bellied Antbird, Semiplumbeous Hawk, Black-breasted Puffbird, Purple-throated Fruitcrow, Blue Cotinga, Pheasant Cuckoo and army antswarm followers.  We'll picnic along the way and not waste any time.  Within the Panama CIty area, we'll also bird Metropolitan Park and Achiote & Escobal roads, before we head to the highlands and visit La Amistad, a bi-national park, shared with Costa Rica and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This is the land bridge where flora and fauna from North and South America reach their maximum species mix, with great ranges in altitude, precipitation, soils and temperature.  Here and in Volcan Baru National Park we'll look for  Silvery-fronted Tapaculo, Andean Pygmy-Owl, Barred Becard, Buffy Tuftedcheek, Resplendent Quetzal, Ochraceous Pewee, Silvery-throated Jay, and we should see lots of hummingbird species.
     Then we'll visit the lovely village of Boquete, where we stay on a working coffee plantation.  In their private reserve, we'll look for see the elusive Resplendent Quetzal, Three-wattled Bellbird, Black-faced Solitaire, Volcano Hummingbird, Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher and Prong-billed Barbet in their cool habitat of orchids, bromeliads and wild avocados. 
     Finally, we will explore Burbayar Nature Reserve in the eastern part of the country, in deep rainforest and look for species such as Speckled Antshrike, Black-headed Anthrush, Striped-cheek Woodpecker, Swallow-tailed Kite and Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer, Barred Hawk, Stripe-throated Wren and Red-throated Caracara.  On the road to Nargana Forest Reserve we will look for Rufous-winged, Bay-headed tanagers and others such as the Plumbeous Hawk, Tawny-faced Quail, Rufous-vented Ground-Cuckoo, Purplish-backed and Olive-backed quail-doves, Blue-fronted Parrotlet, Stripe-cheeked Woodpecker, Black-crowned Antpitta, Dull-mantled Antbird, Black-headed Antthrush, Slate-throated Gnatcatcher and Stripe-throated Wren. Around the lodge we may see several species of hummingbirds, parrots, toucans and tanagers.
     Before heading back to the capitol we will take a ride on Lake Bayano and the Embera Wounaan village.

This is an amazing and in depth birding tour to Panama, led by an excellent local birding guide.

  • Accommodations vary from  hotel, comfortable lodges, field stations to rustic nature lodges.
  • Includes: 12 nights lodging, meals, all transportation within country, park and related entry fees, services of naturalist guide.
  • International airfare, gratuities, personal costs and equipment

Bring:  Binoculars, bird field guide, hiking boots, sandals or sneakers, flashlight, rain gear, bug juice, sun screen, day pack. Your guide will have a spotting scope.