Harpy Eagle Panama
Punto Patino Reserve Panama

Panama Harpy Eagle-3 nts

  • Active, hiking 2-6 hours per day
  • 4 days/3 nights
  • Scheduled dates - 2017: Dec 21-24 
  • With minimum 4 travelers, choose your own date  
  • $995+ 7% tax per person in double occupancy, minimum 4 persons. Single supplement  $150 + 7% tax
  • NOTE - 3 weeks advance notice required for paperwork to enter Darien 
  • Contact us for 2018 dates and prices

The most powerful bird of prey and Panama's national bird, the Harpy Eagle lives in remote areas in the Darien Jungle of Panama.

     Head east for a few hours out of the Capital, leave behind the hustle and bustle of city life. Our highway narrows down to a country road in the direction of the Darien Jungle.  At Punta Quimbo we board a motorized dugout canoe towards the 65,000 acre Punta Patiño Reserve. We'll overnight in rustic cabins for two nights. Daily hikes around the reserve allow us to see local wildlife, like Capybara, caiman, owls.  We'll boat to see nesting sea birds.
     A dugout takes us through mangroves along the Mogue River in search or Roseate Spoonbill, Ibis and Osprey.  At the Mogue village we will meet the local population of Embera Indians, who take us on a 14 km roundtrip hike (8.7 miles, mostly even terrain) to see the Harpy Eagle active nest, which we will view from a safe distance.  It's a magnificent bird and a sign of true wilderness.
     Our last night is spent in the village, staying in a thatched hut on stilts, getting to know these locals.  This type of controlled tourism brings income to the Embera, which in turn encourages them to protect the forest and the birds.
  • Accommodations - In Punta Patiño, stay in rustic cabins, with AC and private bath.  At Mogue village, sleep under bug screens in thatched huts
  • Included - Local transportation, meals from breakfast on day 1 through lunch on day 4, guide services
  • Not Included - Panama City hotel, international airfare

Bring:  Binoculars, sun screen, bug juice, flashlight, hiking boots, personal items