Embera Puru Crafts
Embera Basket

Embera Village -1 day+


  • Easy pace, walking and getting in/out of canoe
  • 1 day or more
  • Can begin any day
  • Contact us for prices

Sharing the beauty of the Emberá people and their fascinating culture with others is our first priority.  

106 souls of Emberá Puru live in traditional housing on the banks of the Rio San Juan de Pequeni.  Here in the jungle the Emberá continue many of their traditions and culture, while incorporating aspects of the modern world. You may visit the village for a day or more, arranged by our favorite guide, an American woman who is married to an Embera' man from the village of Embera' Puru.  She has a unique perspective as an American who is a full fledged tribe member.   The Embera' are beautiful people both inside and out and are very quick to smile and laugh.  They will welcome you with warm and open hearts.
     A day trip starts at around 8:30 am with pick you up at your Panama City hotel, for the ride to the boat ramp on the edge of the Chagres National park, the watershed for the canal.  Your boteros will be waiting for you with a motorized dugout canoe for the one hour trip up river (depending on the season and water level) to their village.  The boat ride meanders the river, through the jungle, possibly sighting toucans, sloths or maybe a monkey along the way.  At the village of Embera' Puru, you will be welcomed with a traditional musical greeting and the colorful costume of the residents.
     You are free to visit the village at leisure, and hear to a short talk about their lives and culture, lifestyle, and crafts.  After the talk we are taken on a short walk through the jungle with one of the village elders to teach us about the medicinal plants they use.
      The Embera invite you to share a traditional meal of Patacones (fried plantains) and fried fish or chicken, followed by music and the women performing some traditional shamanic dances.  They will display their wares and you are welcome to shop for their exquisite crafts, woven baskets, plates and masks from palm leaf fibers and carved Cocobolo wood and Tagua seeds. Then the entire tribe gathers for a group photo.  They are not shy about posing for a picture and love to be shown the result if you have a digital.  If you would like to receive a traditional tattoo now is the time.  Don't worry it is a fruit juice dye and lasts only 10-12 days before it wears off.  Return back to the city around 3:00 or 4:00 pm.
Overnight trips available, includes staying in screened tents in one of their platform huts. 
  • Included:  Transportation as mentioned, lunch 
  • Not included:  Gratuities